3:00 pm
When we think of industries dealing with environmental compliance our mind naturally drifts to large industrial sites with tall smoke stacks billowing pollutants. Though, how often do we think about healthcare providers and their environmental […]
August Mack Environmental Webinar
Oct 26 @ 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
10:00 am
This hands-on workshop will teach you about design thinking — a powerful framework that will inspire innovation and impact through new ways of problem solving. At its heart, design thinking is a people-centered process that […]
11:00 am
Workshop includes lunch Session Title – Startup Valuation: Role of Innovation From radical innovation to incremental growth, many product advocates find it hard for others to buy into the vision and opportunity. So much of […]
Launch Terre Haute
1:00 pm
Presented by the University of Indianapolis: Institute for Postindustrial Leadership. Join other business, industry, and government professionals who are interested in creating motivating environments, nurturing collaborative relationships, anchoring change in their culture, and building a […]
Skyline Club
8:00 am
To innovate anything is to communicate big ideas to people facing tough challenges. In a world of digital content and constant connection, it’s easy to forget the power of the campfire ghost story to help […]
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