Innovation Workshop: Virtual Reality A to VR Altered Realities VR Arcade


June 15, 2018 @ 11:00 am – 1:00 pm
25.00   Tickets
Altered Realities VR Arcade
8455 Castlewood Dr
Indianapolis, IN 46250

Virtual reality has quickly become actual reality as more industries continue to adapt the technology in a variety of new ways. It’s already given medical professionals the opportunity to practice complex surgeries, given police officers the ability to train for difficult situations in a new way, provided factory workers with next-level safety training, and given soldiers with PTSD a new exposure therapy option. But we are still just at the beginning of exploring the value VR can provide to us!

Join Centric this month as we take an Innovation Field Trip to Indiana’s first virtual reality arcade, Altered Realities. Not only will you get to enjoy a fun, hands-on virtual reality experience, you will also hear from innovation leaders and industry professionals how VR is already impacting business here in Indiana.

Registration is limited to 35 and lunch will be provided.

Altered Realities VR Arcade opened their doors in March to provide Central Indiana with a premium Virtual Reality experience! Perfect for groups and parties, Altered Realities features premium content with up to 16 player capabilities.

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