Safety Leadership Training RMS Safety


December 7, 2017 @ 8:00 am – 12:00 pm
Leah Saylors
RMS Safety
8227 Northwest Blvd #230
Indianapolis, IN 46278

RMS has developed a training program designed to equip Supervisors with the skills they need to lead employees toward a safer work environment. The core topics that will be discussed during this program include: Establishing a Positive Safety Culture; Performing Job Hazard Analysis; Conducting Safety Inspections; Correcting Unsafe Behaviors; Investigating Incidents; and Identifying Impaired Employees. The content has been developed to be relevant for both construction and general industry Supervisors. Please note that the segment on Identifying Impaired Employees will not comply with DOT regulations for Reasonable Suspicion training.


Experienced Trainer (Degreed 18+ year safety professional previously employed by OSHA & Miller Pipeline as their Corporate Safety Director)
High Impact Content (Unlike most training programs that are designed to provide students with technical knowledge, this program is designed to help Supervisors develop skills they need to effectively manage the safety of their employees.)
Group Exercises (Students will break into groups and brainstorm various ways they can help establish an effective safety culture and factors they need to consider when correcting unsafe behaviors.)