Spring Forum: "Renewable Energy Solutions to Climate and Pollution: How much? How fast? Who pays?" IUPUI Campus Center


May 14, 2018 all-day
75   Tickets
Peter Schubert
IUPUI Campus Center
E University Ave
Indianapolis, IN

Our Motivation
Old School: “Ahem: The Solution to Pollution is Dilution”
New School: “Dude! We need EVERYONE to achieve sustainability”
Humans consume resources and create waste. Our great society emerged in an era when downstream consequences were small, or remote, or could be ignored. With more population and greater energy consumption there are more effluents, they accumulate, and their impact is becoming non-negligible. Already we have regulations which embody a tradeoff between science, economics, and politics. Are these right, just, reasonable, and up-to-date? Do we need to do more, or act faster, and if so how do we allocate the costs this incurs in a fair, equitable, and balanced way? This issue can no longer be ignored. We face it head-on at the Lugar Center for Renewable Energy and invite your participation in the discussion.

The 2018 Spring Forum by the Richard G. Lugar Center for Renewable Energy explores these inter-dependent issues broadly, seeking to inform and educate, and to identify good opportunities for research as we explore these questions together.