Strategic Doing 301: Leading Complex Collaborations Purdue Technology Center of Indianapolis


July 18, 2018 @ 8:30 am – July 20, 2018 @ 1:00 pm
1275.00   Tickets
Purdue Agile Strategy Lab
Purdue Technology Center of Indianapolis
5225 Exploration Dr
Indianapolis, IN 46241

The Purdue Agile Strategy Lab team heads down the road to Indianapolis July 18-20 for a 2.5-day training on developing and using agile strategy. The award-winning methodology, called “Strategic Doing,” borrows tools from agile software design to help individuals and organizations form collaborations quickly, identify desired outcomes, and move into a fast-paced “learn/do” cycle. The highly-interactive session will give participants the tools needed to lead collaborations in which “no one can tell anyone else what to do.” They will learn what makes collaborations work (and go astray), and how to guide conversations to move groups forward quickly to action. The training is suitable for people leading efforts within organizations as well as those building collaborations across multiple organizations.

The 2.5-day session at the Purdue Technology Center of Indianapolis will use a group simulation, exercises, discussion, and individual coaching to ensure that participants leave ready to tackle collaboration challenges. All attendees will receive the “Strategic Doing Field Guide,” the “Trail Map,” and access to an online resource library.

This training is ideal for anyone interested in developing the skills to lead complex collaborations and to innovate in open, loosely connected networks. Participants in Strategic Doing 301 come from companies, universities, cluster organizations and innovation districts, nonprofit organizations, health care networks, workforce and economic development organizations, and local government.

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