There's No Way Around It, Air Permitting is Here to Stay August Mack Environmental Online Webinar


September 19, 2018 @ 3:00 pm – 3:45 pm
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August Mack Environmental
August Mack Environmental Online Webinar

Hefty fines and possibly damaging years of a good reputation can go down the drain with the bad publicity of violating US EPA regulations. Some of the more notable recent civil settlements had to do with violating the Clean Air Act. In one of the more newsworthy settlements, there was a criminal issue associated with the settlement. Although this is unusual, the US EPA takes violations of their rules seriously. Air permitting is not an easy task to tackle. The calculations can be tedious, complicated, and deadlines can approach quickly. The looming question in many peoples’ minds can be…. “Do I need an air permit?” This webinar will address what causes you to be applicable to air permitting, as well as reviewing a few US EPA Press Releases which discuss instances where the air regulations were not fully complied with and the resulting action. Join us for this webinar so your organization doesn’t become the subject of one of those Press Releases.