Achieving Resilience with Diversity and Inclusion Tickets
Dec 8 @ 12:00 pm – 3:00 pm
Achieving Resilience with Diversity and Inclusion @ Virtual

George Floyd. Breonna Taylor. Civil Unrest, protests and even riots in Minneapolis, Portland, and across the nation. 2020 has seen widespread public outcry against racial injustice not seen in the United States at this levels since the 1960s.

Does an organization need to be inclusive to be truly resilient? And what does this have to do with Business Continuity?

On December 8th, Vanessa Vaughn Mathews and James Green, renowned business continuity experts, will share with us their personal stories on what racism and privilege look like in both the real world and the business world today, and what we need to do and how we can all work together to create truly inclusive organizations.

During this interactive presentation we will discuss:

How did we get here?
The difference between check the box “Diversity and Inclusion” and creating a true sense of belonging for all of your coworkers
Why Diversity and Inclusion matter during a business continuity incident
Practical ways to create a more inclusive business continuity program

Survival to Thrival | The ROI of Talent Optimization Tickets
Dec 16 @ 11:00 am
Survival to Thrival | The ROI of Talent Optimization @ Cassandra Hustedt

Join Purpose HQ President and Co-Founder John Qualls on Nov. 11th to discuss how Talent Optimization can transform your company. This free webinar will address the tools of a strategic mindset and framework that you may apply to your business to thrive in 2021. After a 30 – minute presentation, a 15min Q&A will follow.